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I really enjoyed creating this piece.
The assignment was to juxtapose macro and micro. Since I spend a lot if time in the digital world, I couldn't think of a better choice than to put the self/ego in the context of a bit/pixel. Just as each pixel represents a facet of my own image, it also represents a facet of my digital life.

I discovered the process to create this image by accident a while ago, when I first got a high-power macro lens for my camera. By chance I took a picture of my laptop screen, and I found that it was powerful enough to resolve the individual display pixels (the bars of red, green, and blue). So creating this image was just a matter of taking a regular portrait, putting it on my laptop and sizing it appropriately in the screen, then taking a picture of it on my screen.

When you view the image up close you can only make out the sea of red, green, and blue spots. However, when you step back from the image, the same spattering of red, green, and blue resolves in to the greater image.


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[ posted 12/09/09 @ 1959 -5 GMT ] by Sparky
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