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Perhaps you want to know about the man behind the metaphorical digital curtain. Sure, I'll spill, but you'll likely be disappointed. The details of my childhood are largely inconsequential, aside from the fact that it involved disassembling numerous household appliances and copious amounts of Bill Nye The Science Guy.

My middle school and high school years saw a steady decline in sunlight, as I discovered the addictive worlds of the Internet and video games. This was also the time that I started dabbling in the Half-Life game development community. It was in the second half of high school that I picked up most of my current hobbies. I took courses in programming and photography, which I've continued to pursue.

Early in my college years, I got involved in the open source movement. After a while, I also began contributing to different projects, such as Gentoo, GNOME, and Mozilla.

Stylistically, I suppose you could call me a minimalist. I usually go out of my way to come up with a simple, elegant solution that requires a minimal amount of effort to implement or execute. Some might call that lazy, but I agonize about the details beforehand, so I think it balances out in the end.

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