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  • gnome-bg-changer [options] [background.xml file]

gnome-bg-changer is a utility to automatically change the GNOME desktop backgrounds.

The default delay is 5 minutes. If both MINUTES and SECONDS are specified, they are added together.

gnome-bg-changer uses ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml as the default background.xml file. This is the file used by the GNOME Appearance Properties, so you can continue to use that to configure your backgrounds. gnome-bg-changer will detect when the file changed and will re-parse it.

  • --version: show program's version number and exit
  • -h, --help: show this help message and exit
  • -m MINUTES, --minutes=MINUTES: Minutes between background change
  • -s SECONDS, --seconds=SECONDS: Seconds between background change
  • -r, --random: Change backgrounds randomly
  • -v, --verbose: Print extra information

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[ posted 11/05/10 @ 1732 -5 GMT ] by Sparky
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